Did you hire a newborn photographer for your child?!

Newborn photography is an ever-growing service that many people are using now days.  Most people used to use their own cheap camera or go to one of the Walmart photo studios to have their baby or child photos taken.  Memories are forever, so why save a few dollars when high quality photos will last a lifetime and you will not be embarrassed years down the road when showing your lovely child off when they were a newborn?everly's favorite newborn photo


My wife and I made the investment to have our firstborn photographed by  a local trusted Denver, Colorado photographer.  At first I was not happy with the cost, however, after receiving the images and seeing how incredibly professional the photos were, I was happy we made the decision!  Now our son enjoys looking at his baby pictures as much as we do.  When our little girl was born it was a no-brainer to have her newborn photos taken by another local professional Denver newborn photographer named Michelle from Aspire Images.  She was INCREDIBLE!  So attentive, kind, patient and very careful with our little 2-week old baby.


If you are having second thoughts about making the investment, stop!  It is worth every penny to have such wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.


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