Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Wooden floors have proven to be a popular option when it comes to floor finishes. Wood not only has an elegant look but is also tough enough to withstand the elements, such as children and pets, also great for various healthy exercises by using sliding paper plates.   Kids love engineered floors because they can ride their bike, roller skates, or even spill their food all over and it won’t damage the flooring like carpet or traditional hardwood flooring.  With advancements in technology, the use of engineered hardwood floors has now become very popular. Such floors are quite similar to the normal wooden floors in terms of appearance. The difference, however, lies in the mode of manufacture and the individual attributes of strength and durability.

Mode of manufacture of hardwood floors

Unlike traditional wooden floors which comprised of wooden planks, engineering wooden floors are basically made of plywood sheets or fine wood chips which are bound together by a strong adhesive. To make the finish eye-catching, the veneer is used as a top layer. The thickness of the veneer sheet determines how many times the floor can be refinished.

What a homeowner should consider when selecting this type of floor

It is always important to consider the mode of manufacture. If the floor is made of plywood, how well are the different sheets glued together and the overall thickness of the veneer layer? Always take time and establish legitimate vendors of this type of floors. Consulting a wood floor expert is a smart idea. Having a vast knowledge of the technicalities of using wooden floors, they will give you valuable intel on the pros and cons of the different wooden floor options available.

Advantages of using engineered hardwood floors

Such floors show superiority when it comes to moisture and temperature tolerance when compared to ordinary wooden floors. Since the wood floor pieces are made up of multiple layers, the inner core is very strong making such floors ideal for use in basements and areas that experience constant wet conditions such as bathrooms without the risk of warping. In terms of price, the floors come in a wide price range with the installation process being very simple.

The floor is also quite durable and especially if a thick layer of veneer is used as a top finish. With this, the floor will comfortably brace constant scratching and give the homeowner room to refurbish it in case they want to give the floor a facelift. In terms of aesthetics, various grain finishes are available and the color of the veneer can also be made to the customer’s preferences with the provision of also engraving specific patterns. This makes the floor very ideal in areas where a touch of art is required and at a cheap price.

Demerits of using this type of flooring.

If a poor choice of a brand is made, the overall result can end up being unappealing. Poor quality floors wear out very fast and fair poorly when it comes to resistance to moisture and heat. Repair and replacement of such floors are difficult and a costly venture to undertake.

Compared to other wood flooring options such as the use of tiles wooden floors are generally more expensive and are therefore not the most economical option available. The adhesives, resins, and finishes used in making such floors have also been found to be toxic to the environment.

Options available and general care for engineered hardwood flooring

Such floors come in a variety of options. They include straw oak, French oak, stained brush just to name but a few. A buyer has room to pre-order what they desire. The choice will generally depend on the appeal desired, The amount of money one is willing to spend and the durability they wish to achieve.

Like other hardwood floors, to maintain that attractive look one has to take proper care of the floor. Cleaning with water and soaps is discouraged as it will damage the floor in the long run. When walking on the floor, spiked shoes are not appropriate as they end up creating dents on the floorboards.With proper care, wooden floors will last longer and retain that glossy appearance that is definitely going to impress.

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